About us

In 2003 he born "El Alfar" but not as we know it, but that has changed, searching for their own identity. this move toward unconventional ceramic is given by the "love" of our family to ceramics in different forms and facets; fueling concern about meeting new work techniques, designs and finishes. this has led to the creation of a single space under the label "The Alfar".
"The Alfar" has brought together many of the best Spanish artisans; "The Alfar" choose as the spirit of creation, and they choose "The Alfar" as a showcase to the world of their works; a pleasant space, the ideal place to find totally different collections but with a common factor, are pieces with soul.
Behind "The Alfar" is a great team of potters and artisans who gather here every little shop from any corner of Spain facing the sea.
These workshops work one or two artisans; a very limited production, which results in exclusive, original and personal designs that are labeled under the name unique.
The word "craft" is becoming obsolete, doomed to oblivion, in a society in which everything is machined and production chains are our imminent reality. A reality that in some ways, playing against us, but nevertheless, "Alfar" remains and struggle to grow. At this point it should thank those who do not let themselves be carried away by the mass consumer who value a hands modeling, who see beauty in the small imperfections of the craftsman's hand, who know how to look beyond the product and appreciate the love there behind every development, these people, our customers, thank you, you make possible "Alfar".
"We must strive to regain the soul, which has been reduced, deleted, working to re-enchant the world. That is the task of the artists"